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Kukri Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things to think about before purchasing a kukri or another outdoor style knives:

1. What is a Khukuri?
Kukris are forward curving Nepalese Knife made popular by its use by British Gurkha Soldiers during World War II and most recently by the NATO forces serving alongside American soldiers in Iraq and Afganisthan. They are well known amongst the knife enthusiasts for its sharp blade which can chop with authority, but thick enough to adopt continuous pounding and hacking.

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2. Genuine Handmade:
A genuine authentic Khukri is made by beating and hammering a red hot steel over and over again to give it its shape. There are lots of machine made khukri knives that sell for cheap, but genuine khukuris are handcrafted and specially designed to be heavier for the front of the blade. This is important to give the knife more chopping power with minimal effort, making it very suitable to cut small bush and branches during camping and outdoor adventure.



3. High Carbon Steel:
Traditional Khukuris are made out of high carbon steel from recycled cars/truck suspensions which makes it super-tough and keeps it sharp for a long time. However, please note that these blades may rust if not maintained properly. To avoid rust, avoid contact with water and apply light coat of oil on the blade after every use and during storage.


4. Full tang blade:
Is your kukri made out of an entire tang? Full tang blades stretch all the way through the handle making it extra-tough for hard work. However, this is not very important for light outdoor activity.


5. Handle with Care:
Please use special caution when it comes time to handling your kukri. These blade are great for chopping and can cause serious injuries if not handled with care. There are several decorative kukris available which are smaller and might be recommended for casual users. Occasional sharpening of the blade may be required which can be performed by the smaller blunt knife that comes with most Kukuris, however other major sharpening is best left for the professionals.





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